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About us. Fundar, Center of Analysis and Research, is an independent, interdisciplinary and plural organization devoted to research issues related to democracy and citizen participation.

Our Mission

Fundar is an independent, interdisciplinary, non-partisan and horizontal organization, which promotes the advance of Substantive democracy. Fundar monitors public policies and public institutions through applied research, critical reflection, experimentation and linkage with civil, social, and governmental actors.


Fundar’s guiding principles are:

– To extend and strengthen citizen participation
– To call for transparency and accountability
– To contribute to the Rule of Law
– To promote substantive equality
– To guarantee Human Rights

Our work is based on a comprehensive conception of Human Rights, an explicit recognition of the need to incorporate and to promote gender perspective, citizen participation, social justice and the conservation of the environment. These principles are completed with efforts to find creative solutions to the problems that Mexico faces and to formulate recommendations based on rigorous and interdisciplinary research.


Fundar was created in January 1999 by a group of leaders from different disciplines with the objective of developing schemes for citizen participation, identifying models of action that have been successful in other countries and experimenting on new models, which can contribute to solve specific social issues.

Through the first year, the activities of the institution were focused on the identification of a niche of original elements, which could help strengthening citizen participation and democracy. Since then, budget analysis has become the main subject of research of the institution, due to the degree of technical experience required, and the fundamental importance that it has for a wide range of topics. From then on, Fundar has been doing constant monitoring on public expenses in order to analyze the priorities that appear in the budget and to control whether these priorities become a reality in the allocation of public resources. From the beginning, Fundar has also provided training and consulting to different groups with the objective of increasing the participation and impact of citizens in defining social priorities.

Promoting Human Rights has been one of Fundar’s main lines of action. Throughout the first years, Fundar tried to incorporate the human rights perspective to all of its projects. On the other end, Fundar got gradually involved in projects related to civic and political rights, through analysis of local government management, monitoring of human rights public organizations and the study of the impact of the Canadian mining industry.

In January 2003, Fundar opened a Human Rights area, taking into consideration the experience acquired by its team in this field and the potential opportunities for new projects to be developed. In this area, coordinated projects explore – through research and networks- the options of creating social impact in the democratization process in Mexico in key sectors, such as Parliament, human rights public organizations and public safety system.

What we do

Fundar organizes its projects in four different areas:

Analysis and Strategies from the Legal Perspective

Budget and Public Policies

Human Rights and Public safety

Transparency and Accountability

Strengthening of Non-governmental organizations