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Financial Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010

Members of the U.S. Congress, The signers of this letter represent Mexican citizens and civil society organizations that welcome and support the Cardin-Lugar Amendment or Section 1504 or the U.S. Dodd-Frank Financial Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. Any exemption from reporting under this Amendment for activities would be against the interests of Mexican citizens.

In our country, hydrocarbons are public goods that belong to the Nation. Its exploitation is in charge of the State owned company PEMEX (Petróleos Mexicanos). For this reason, hydrocarbons management is regulated by the transparency obligations and the public information access policies established in the Mexican Constitution and the Federal Law of Transparency and Public Information Access. This legal framework defines, among other provisions, the maximum publicity principle, according to which all the information in possession of the authorities is public eminently. Therefore, the disclosure of information required by Section 1504 does not contravene any Mexican law and, moreover, improves the guarantee of the right of public information access, established in our legislation.

The U.S. is an important ally in our work to improve government accountability and responsible use of Mexican natural resources. We urge U.S. members of Congress to support our interests, and oppose any exemption from Cardin-Lugar reporting.


– Fundar, Center for Analysis and Research

– Heinrich Böll Foundation, Regional Mexico/Centroamerica/El Caribe Office

– Transparencia Mexicana, Mexican Chapter of Transparency International

– Article XIX

– Greenpeace Mexico

– Gestión Social y Cooperación (GESOC)

– Sonora Ciudadana

– Gente Diversa

– Equipo Pueblo

– Ciudadanos en Medios

– Contraloría para la Rendición de Cuentas

– Iniciativa Sinaloa

– Comunicación y Educación Ambiental

– Colectivo por la Transparencia (It is a network of 14 Mexican NGOs involved on transparency issues)